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Uncovering the Supernatural:
The Story behind ‘Killing a Dead Man’

Siobhian Hodges, the talented Young Adult fiction writer from Leicestershire, UK, has captivated readers with her supernatural thriller, ‘Killing a Dead Man’. In this article, we will explore the inspiration behind the novel and the personal experiences that fueled the narrative.

The Premise

‘Killing a Dead Man’ centers around Jordan Richardson, a teenage boy who sets out to avenge his twin brother, Danny, with a supernatural twist. After Danny is murdered on a family holiday, Jordan becomes determined to find his brother’s killer. But with nobody else believing that Danny has returned as a spirit to guide him, Jordan embarks on a journey across the country to seek revenge.

The Inspiration

Siobhian’s fascination with the supernatural served as the inspiration for ‘Killing a Dead Man’. After attending ghost walks and participating in seances, Siobhian’s curiosity about the existence of spirits only grew. She wondered if they were responsible for unexplainable noises and goosebumps, and where they went when they weren’t with us.

Siobhian first came up with the idea for ‘Killing a Dead Man’ when she was only fifteen. However, she knew that she needed to develop her writing skills before she could do justice to the story. Ten years later, after graduating with a master’s degree in creative writing, Siobhian finally set about publishing her first book.

The Story

Siobhian drew on her own personal experiences and relationships for the story of ‘Killing a Dead Man’. The bond she shared with her siblings, particularly with her sister, served as the basis for the close relationship between Jordan and Danny. The thought of losing someone so close to her was unbearable and soon became the driving force of the narrative.

‘Killing a Dead Man’ also explores the idea of communication with the deceased. While Jordan deals with his grief, he is able to talk to the ghosts that no one else can see, leading to all kinds of complications. Siobhian loves to write about complications and weaves them expertly into the plot.

The Message

‘Killing a Dead Man’ has an underlying message that it is okay to be different, and it takes courage to follow your beliefs, especially in a world where not everyone shares or respects your views. Siobhian also wanted to emphasize the importance of not letting regrets consume us. As Jordan learns, it is essential to live your life the way you want to, without fear or guilt.

The Success

‘Killing a Dead Man’ is available on Amazon as both a paperback and an eBook. Siobhian has also directed a book trailer and is co-directing a music video for “Witness,” a song written by Beth Hartshorne that captures the essence of Jordan’s guilt and relationship with Danny. Additionally, Siobhian has written a short story about Jordan and Danny that will be published in her upcoming anthology, ‘Untitled Decade’ (2021).

Killing a Dead Man by Siobhian R. Hodges
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