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The thing I liked most about this book was the ability the author had to keep you reading! ahahah. I literally read it almost in one sitting. It’s got mystery, suspense and some real “OMG” moments. EVERYTHING you would want from a book in this genre.

It’s also tragic. About a young lad Jordan who is dealing with the murder of his twin brother 5 years previous. Hodges does a great job of drip-feeding what happened to Danny throughout the novel. Just as you start to think “I know what’s happening here” these retrospective chapters through you off the scent! really clever writing. The antagonist Cillian in the story is a piece of work. You instantaneously hate him. When you find out about him you’re satisfied and gutted at the same time. Again a credit to Hodges.

I personally feel like this book although I think intended to be a stand-alone would make a GREAT series with Jordan teaming up with spirits and ghosts to solve mysteries. That would be brilliant.

Another thing that really stands out in this book is Hodge’s dialogue someone it is absolutely hilarious because it’s exactly what anyone would say in that situation. “Unmistakeable smell of Dogs**t” was among my favourites. ahahah Class.

Overall, I would recommend this book. It had all the elements you would want from a paranormal murder mystery. Will 100% be looking out for more of the author’s books.

– Ben McQueeny