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An action-packed Sci-fi – not a quiet moment.

As soon as we are introduced to Koritt – an insectoid alien who has been sent on an important mission – we are automatically intrigued as to what’s going to happen when he reaches planet Earth.

However, things seem to go very wrong very fast for Koritt, as he ends up crash-landing on Earth in a desert in Afghanistan. This becomes the setting for the rest of the book and is where we encounter many interesting characters: Insurgents protecting their homeland in Afghanistan, Lieutenant Ty Lavender and his quirky-nicknamed squad members from a nearby American military base, and SEED – a special military unit in charge of tracking and capturing Alien ships and technology. This is where we also meet Lincoln Frost. She is a SEED agent who ends up being held captive with Ty. Their demand for authority causes yet more tension, humour and even a hint of romance as they are forced to work together for the good of not only their country, but the entire planet. 

But what is the mysterious U-10? Why has is caused Koritt so much trouble? And why has it got Ty, Frost, the Insurgents and American SEED military attacking one another? I started the book intrigued to discover the secrets of the U-10. As the novel developed, all the answers I wanted were revealed. It soon becomes clear that such an advanced and dangerous weapon would not do well to fall into the wrong hands. But who – if anyone – can be trusted with such responsibility? The apprehension this question poses is what makes the novel a gripping read, from start to end.

Miller’s use of third-person narration allows the story to switch fluidly between characters in a way where the story is always moving forward, keeping its swift pace without leaving readers confused and, dare I say it, alienated. I found myself laughing at moments of comedy, rooting for characters when tension was high, and hooked throughout.

– Siobhian R. Hodges

Published on: 01 December 2019 at 11:00