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A gripping fantasy novel with lovable characters, a well-thought-out plot, and an enchanting audiobook.

The Spirit of Things is a coming-of-age fantasy novel about Fulco, an adopted young Hume, finding his place in the world. The book is set in an Elphen town called Tellusm where Fulco – being the only Hume – constantly feels the need to prove himself and protect his adoptive family. I immediately felt for Fulco, through his struggles and each deserving victory. However, Fulco is not like any other Hume. Later in the book, we discover that he actually has the power of sapience. This twist added so much more to the book, creating a theme that is relatable to many of us – a theme of trying to find one’s place in the world and figure out who they are. This is one of the many reasons why I enjoyed listening to Fulco’s adventure unfold.

I listened to the audiobook for The Spirit of Things and must say, I fully enjoyed it. The narrator (Nigel Peever) did a superb job of adding a magical-feel to the already spellbinding book, with the characters’ voices, diegetic sounds, ambient music, and of course the narrator’s smooth, easy-to-listen-to voice. I looked forward to listening to McQueeny’s audiobook each day.

The book itself includes a balance of description and dialogue that was also pleasant to listen to. The world-building was subtle yet effective – I felt like I was really there. Too much description in a book tends to put me off, but McQueeny’s writing is concise and didn’t give my mind a chance to wander.

Overall, I really enjoyed listening to this audiobook. It is well-written, well-produced, and a joy to come back to after each chapter. McQueeny has done a fantastic job; the story drew me in and didn’t let go.

– Siobhian R. Hodges

Published on: 29 July 2020 at 19:00